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ONETHINGathon Update

The Vision
     For six years now, Cristine and I have been following God’s lead in “realigning lives with the Way, the Truth, and the Life of Jesus Christ.” We have a passion for building relationships with people and with God and for seeing believers in Christ transformed by the power of God and walking in obedience to Him.

     Most of that work has been through one on one discipleship. Some of it has involved bringing food and other material needs to working poor families across five metro-Atlanta towns, some of that work has involved public speaking and performing our one man show “That Day”, and often it involves doing the administrative and fundraising work that comes with the territory of full time vocational ministry.

Enter, ONETHINGathon!
     I’m writing this Friday, 11.22.2013. Tomorrow is the first time I’ll actually step out of running Seasons of Life Ministries and step into running for Seasons of Life Ministries. About 200 other men, women, and children will descend on Fowler Park on Carolene Way to walk, run, or roll for four local charities, including Seasons of Life. It’s called the ONETHINGathon. And, I’ll be running 5 miles… in the rain. Praise GOD!

For us, ONETHINGathon represents three things: 

  1. An chance for many to come together to raise awareness & support for this ministry.
  2. An opportunity for people around us to rally people who aren’t around us around the vision, mission, and future of this ministry, without necessarily burdening our existing supporters with additional giving requests. Teamwork will make the dreamwork.
  3. A chance to watch God raise the funds needed to bring the ministry current on this year’s bills and get ahead of schedule on other expenses well into the 2nd quarter of next year without another dime spent on fundraising! WOW! LogoChannel WHO?!
     Even more exciting, WSBTV Channel 2 has decided to do a story on 5 local events going on around Thanksgiving and the Christmas Season and the ONETHINGathon is one! The story will run around Christmas. So, keep your eyes on our Facebook page, Twitter feed, or here for details on when it runs!

Volunteers Needed:

  1. In person: We have plenty of volunteers already on the schedule, but will need more to help with the picnic, setup, and clean up. If you’d like to help in those areas, sign up at to…DAY! 
  2. Online: The most important thing about tomorrow is that people make the connection between the vision and mission of these 4 ministries and the financial need addressed tomorrow. The best way we’ve found to do that to share a five minute video with anyone and everyone you can that explains what the event is all about. It costs nothing to share the video, but a few seconds and a few clicks. So, I invite you to do this: share the video, invite people catch the vision, and if God leads you or them – support Seasons of Life or any of the other ministries online.
  3. In your shoes, NOTE: If you want to walk, run or roll with us, you’ll have to register as a walk on in person tomorrow as online registration is closed as of noon today.

Eat and Greet… And, GREAT!
     There will be a picnic from 12 to 1PM at the pavilion at Fowler park – rain or shine, since it’s covered and mild (in the 60s by midday). Representatives from ONETH1NG for Men, ONETH1NG for Youth, PIER Foundation, and Seasons of Life Ministries will be in attendance. At 1PM, there will be a raffle that will include $50 gift certificates to Dick’s, Best Buy, dinner certificates to Cabernet, a flat screen TV and a Dale Murphy signed uniform.

    We invite you to join us for any or all of the above, and wish you and your family a fantastic, safe, and grace filled Thanksgiving!

Volunteers Needed: The "Why" and "What"?

     Every day, you’re faced with the decision to read, archive, or delete dozens to hundreds of emails. Today, I want to ask you to stick with this one for about four minutes. I’ve even got a special section for you if you’re out of town. Would you do that?

The Backdrop:

     For six years now, Seasons of Life Ministries has answered God’s call to lock arms with Christ followers as they pursue deeper intimacy in Christ, primarily through one on one discipleship. If you’re unfamiliar with this ministry, the video below can give you some insight into what we do and why.

For info, go to

     My wife, Cristine, and I have been meeting with men, women, and couples to lift up the word of God as our sole source of wisdom, help, and counsel for these past 6 years and beyond. Many of them have chosen to support the ministry financially – they have “skin in the game”. Others just can’t. Some of them are deeply tied to a small group, seeking professional couseling as their insurance allows, but deeply need more or different than these avenues can provide.  
     As a result, we’ve essentially given away thousands of hours of bible based counseling, and delivered tens of thousands in donated food to working poor families, provided Gospel hope, healing, encouragement, and even rebuke to meet their needs as God leads.

Where You Come In
     To continue the work we know God has called us to do, I’m asking you to commit to participating in an upcoming fundraiser. It’s called the “One Thing-a-thon” and it’s a walkathon that will benefit four local ministries including Seasons of Life.

Three Ways To Join Us

         The event will require a good number of volunteers and if you’d like to just help out with the picnic, follow this link to find out about it and you’ll have all the information you need. But, the greatest need we have is donors, walkers, and leaders. Read below for a brief idea of how this works. For a more detailed “how to”, you can follow a link to this article on all the nuts and bolts of being a high octane volunteer.

    1. Donate: If you’re already a donor/supporter of Seasons of Life, you may just want to share this video with your friends or coworkers and invite them to sponsor me either per mile or make a flat donation on behalf of Seasons of Life. Or, you might just volunteer at Fowler Park for the picnic that day. At you’ll find the “Purpose and Goals” video explaining the event and its potential impact, as well as all the tools you need to volunteer, sign up, and even give online. This is a great way to help even if you live out of town or state!
    2. Walk: If you’re already a regular supporter of SOLM or just feeling frisky, I’d like to invite you to strap on your shoes and hit the road as a walker/runner/stroller on our behalf, OR…
    3. Lead: Some of you, however, are both gifted at leadership and have a heart for discipleship/Seasons of Life. I’d invite you to consider being a team leader, leading a team of other runners/walkers, and recruiting them to help support this ministry.

         We’ve been advised this event could raise $30,000 for Seasons of Life – that’s about half our operating need for 2014. A day like that would literally “buy” me an average of ten hours a month to meet with more men, develop and deliver content for our blog and other social media, and prepare to deliver “That Day” presentations to several churches and organizations throughout 2014 and beyond.

         Would you commit to looking over this material and letting me know how I can count on you this month?

    In Christ,


    Volunteers Needed: The Nuts and Bolts of "How"? (Updated!)

    You Like “Easy”, Don’t You?
         For those of you who see the “One Thing a Thon” as the ideal opportunity for serving the Seasons of Life community (or any of the other three ministries involved), keeping it simple is key. (Updated:) Below are 6 simple “how to” steps. You don’t need to be a professional fundraiser or even highly athletic to make a huge impact, even if you won’t be in town the day of the event (see note below)!

         Wise counsel has led us to believe this event could bring in $30,000 or more. Because of this, walkers and “team captains” are the area of greatest need for November 23rd. Hitting that number would bring us current on several professional expenses and deep into next year without having to spend another minute on fundraising. In other words, if this event is “successful”, we could spend nearly 100% of our time next year working in the ministry rather than on the ministry. Volunteers and individual donations are needed, but the number above demands a lot of feet at Fowler Park and hands sharing this video.

         As a walker, even if you were to commit to walking a few miles and signed up 10 donors at $10 a mile, you would bring a few hundred dollars to the cause. If you’re a great organizer/networker/motivator (team captain) and all you did was share this specific post with three people you really believe in, you could captain a team “Team Jones”, for example, that brings in three or four times more than you could on your own.

    How To:
         Well, you’ve seen the “Purpose and Goals” video at or on our YouTube page. Right? Here are 6 steps to help you move forward…

    1. Make a decision “how, how much, and how far?”: If you won’t be in town the day of the event, see the note below “What If I’m Not Available That Day?”. Then, decide if you’re going to walk, run, push a stroller, etc. and how far you you’ll go and how much you hope to raise. (Pray fervently about all of these.)
           I’m planning to walk/run 5 miles, Kirby Wisler is roller-blading 5 miles for his cause, etc. From there, you’re on the honor system to complete what you say you’re going to do, so if your friends donate $5 per mile, make sure you go as far as you said you would to honor their donation. Fair enough? Excellent.
    2. Make it official: Register at “Event Registration” under your own name if you’re walking/running, etc. or enter your team name in “Name” at whatever level works for you (Gold, Silver, or Bronze, or Basic).
    3. Make a list: jot down the names of the people you’d like to recruit as walkers to help the cause.
    4. Make the introduction: share the video with them via email, text, Facebook, or other preferred media (really “old school” people might just invite a few friends over to watch the video at their home, right?).

      “I’m supporting Seasons of Life Ministries in a walk-a-thon on November 23rd and I’d love to give you some brief info on it so you can decide how you can best help. Could you take a few minutes to watch this video that explains the event and the causes involved?”

      (Here’s the link again for you to copy and paste: or send them to

    5. Make a request: Once they’ve seen the video, ask them if they see themselves as fellow walkers or if they’d just support you in your support of us and our mission.
    6. The important fields on the “donate” page…
    7. Make the connection: If they want to donate, simply send them to

      and they can make an online donation. Remind them to enter your name (or your “team”) name in the appropriate field and remember to tell them to choose “Seasons of Life Ministries” in the “*Give my donation to” menu. (See illustration.) They will then be taken to One Thing Ministries’ secure, online giving page.

    What If I’m Not Available That Day?
         Rest assured, barring any catastrophes, I will be there, rain or shine, even if you can’t. 
         Simply invite them to donate on my behalf. You may be surprised how many people are still willing to support when they know provision has already been made for your absence. Remember – it’s not about the event, walking, or even running. The event is just a rally point for people to gather around in support of our mission and the cause of those we minister to.

    What About Corporate Sponsors?

         We are anticipating several hundred people at Fowler Park on the 23rd, so there is ample opportunity for corporate sponsorship including banners and other collateral. If you’d like information on that, please contact me directly via email, Facebook message, or phone.

         On behalf of all those who we minister and all those who are praying for this ministry, its impact, and our family – thank you.

    in Christ,

    Aarron Pina

    Awareness, Opportunity, and What You Need to Know

    What We’ve Been Up To:

         Over the past several years, Seasons of Life has provided discipleship to men, women, and couples regardless of their financial status. In many cases, we have essentially “given away” tens of thousands of dollars in bible based counseling to people who both needed it and couldn’t afford it. 
         Thanks to the incredible training we’ve received over the years from organizations and individuals from North Point Community Church to BTCP to Elijah House to Free Chapel’s “School of Discipleship” to Jesus Spoken Here, we’ve been able to lock arms with men and women who truly desire deeper intimacy with Christ and walk with them through the various trials and seasons God has laid out for them.

    Today, I’m asking for your help to meet two needs – one with a November 5th deadline and the other on November 23rd.

    The “Now” Need

         Our current need for all October ministry expenses is a bit over $4,000. Not so bad, considering that’s needed by November 5th, and we have a little more than $1,000 in matching funds available to get there. Every little bit, big chunk, and ridiculously huge bit counts. To help meet this need in the next 6-7 days, simply click here or go to our support page at and designate your gift using the drop down menu or follow directions there for check giving and our mailing address. Yes, all donations are tax deductible as permitted by IRS section 501(c)3.

          Next year, we anticipate “giving away” hundreds more hours of biblical counseling to dozens of men, women, and couples, caring for the needs of the working poor in our sphere of influence, and exhorting/encouraging believers forward into a more mature faith. The support of those who give sacrificially to this ministry are absolutely essential to making that happen. A large scale fundraising opportunity has come up that could make next year’s efforts possible in just one day. Here’s where you come in: 

    Awareness and Opportunity…
    The “Later” Need
    : “One Thing-a-thon”

         This event will happen on November 23rd. Now, this is a really cool opportunity for those who may not have a whole lot of giving capacity at this time: One Th1ng, a local ministry that spurs men on in their walk with God is sponsoring a picnic and walkathon called “One Thing-a-Thon” on November 23rd to raise support and awareness for four local ministries, including Seasons of Life Ministries! Watch the video below as Kirby Wisler explains 3 ways you can help out…

    What To Do:
         Today, I’m inviting you to consider supporting Seasons of Life Ministries and all we’ve been called to do by:

    1. Join us as a runner: invite people around you to sponsor you by the mile or for the walk
    2. Be a “recruiter”: share this video with people close to you invite them to sponsor me as I walk/run 10 miles that morning.
    3. Sponsor me (I’ll be walk/running 10 miles) as a corporate sponsor or individual donor for $1, $10, or even $100 a mile or give a flat donation for the day.

    As always, thank you, for your readership, prayers, and support!

    in Christ,


    Leadership in the Home – at ONE TH1NG for Men

    A Message from Ron Dunn 
    About Leadership in the Home     

         If over 50% of the automobiles produced by a car manufacturer failed, the company would close down.

          If over 50% of airplanes crashed before completing their flights, people would not fly anymore.

          When the goal is 100%, but the success is less than half, a crisis exists.

          In business…on Wall Street… analysts and critcis would expose the weaknesses and call for changes while downgrading stock.

          Men, the percentages on failed and troubled marriages is staggering, yet in our society more is being done to accept the fact than to fix it.

          We have a marriage crisis and need to call help… “broken arrow”… on the ground we stand and the thinking… and lack of thinking that has now become the majority norm in our society.

          Broken Arrow requires examining manhood and marriage theologically… rather than being influenced sociologically.

          What does our God say about these two entities that He designed and created…?

          What our culture says and likes isn’t working.

          Last week we had lively discussions around a biblical definition of a great husband: a man who loves, lives with, knows, honors & prays with his wife under God’s rule.

          What is true for me in this area is true for you… I need insights and encouragement to help me establish, lead and live winning, healthy marriage dynamics.

          This week we will unpack 3 marriage cues from Jesus that will bring deeper understanding and applications to the definition of a great husband.

    Hope to see you early!

    – Ron

    Ron Dunn leads ONE TH1NG for men at The Cabernet Steakhouse on Windward Parkway and GA 400 on Friday Mornings from 7AM to 7:59AM. It’s a come as you are when you can environment for men called to “spur men on in their walk with God”.

    We’re Going to Walk Wisely – Will You Join Us?

    Save the Date!

         The “ONE TH1NG a THON” means greater impact for Seasons of Life!
    Saturday, November 23rd, hundreds of men, women, and children will strap on their shoes, gird up their strollers, and get ready for the first annual “ONE TH1NG a THON” at Fowler Park in Cumming, GA. 

         They’ll be walking to support men’s discipleship through ONE TH1NG, father/son ministry through ONE TH1NG for Youth, adults with disabilities through the PIER foundation and Seasons of Life Ministries. Every one of these ministries has an impact on men, women, and children in your community. Seasons of Life strives to help believers in Christ build mature faith and impact those around them for Christ, thrive through challenging seasons like divorce, loss, and addiction, and come out abiding in Christ like a champ.

    The Need and Your Role
         Every one of these ministries needs funding to survive and add to their impact.
    The One Thing a Thon will give hundreds of people to make their mark on these ministries in three different ways. This week, we’ll have updated links for an online site that will allow you to participate in any of the following ways:

    1. Donate: we’ll have a secure, online giving system that will allow you, your business, your family, or even your small group to donate online. Sponsor a runner for a specified overall donation, or a per-mile amount.
    2. Run: you can add to the impact by signing up as a runner, and inviting others to sponsor you through online giving
    3. Lead: you’ll be able to sign up as a team captain for your own team, for example “My Seasons of Life Walkers”, and sign up other runners who sign up donors.

         Aarron Pina has personally committed to walk 10 miles between 7AM and noon for his walk and invites you to sponsor him, join him, or bring others along to do the same. (Nothing like keeping your body healthy while helping others in their spirit, right?) If you’d like to help in any of these three ways, email him at aarron at seasonsoflifeministries dot org, or inbox us at our Facebook page and he’ll get you a link as soon as it’s live this week!

    Thanks, for your support!!!

    in Christ,


    Recapturing Manhood

    What’s True Manhood All About?    
         Last week, a friend of mine kicked off a discussion for a group of men at ONE TH1NG, part of a series there on “biblical manhood”. That morning, only a few exits in either direction on GA 400 and at the same hour, a couple thousand men stepped into a new season of “Seven” at North Point Community Church and Brown’s Bridge Community Church. I half expected ONE TH1NG to be ghost town. Instead, the room was packed with 67 guys, riveted on the topic of manhood. In groups of 4 to 5, they processed out loud: “What does God have to say about manhood and is manhood as badly shipwrecked as it can be?”

    Who’s the Man?     
         Cut to the chase, most men today operate out of poor definitions of manhood given by poor definers, generally speaking, such as: bad fathers, absentee dads, sitcom fathers, country music, rap music, you get the point… It’s hard, following popular examples, headlines, or even our own churches, to see where all the true men have gone.

         Every one of us can spot “something” wrong when we see a bad example. We just can’t always put our finger on it, let alone model it full time. I’m with you. Ask 10 people what their definition of a man is, and we’ll likely get a hobbling Frankenstein monster formed from some of the worst scraps of “all of the above”. God’s word isn’t silent on the matter. But, we’ve got to look at how bad the damage is before we talk about the cure.

         Ron Dunn contends there are three “hoods” we can either move through or stay stuck in:
    1. “Malehood” – doesn’t take any effort: you’re either born with male genitalia or not.
    2. Boyhood – a season of life when a male is dependent and irresponsible. Often characterized by ungodly strategies such as lying, demanding, blaming, retreating, or relinquishing.
    3. Manhood – taking responsibility under God’s rule.

    It’s Really That Bad
         Bottom line, while men are born into malehood and boyhood, many walk into adulthood ruled by their malehood, or refuse to relinquish their boyhood, leaving millions of women either scratching their heads or taking over men’s roles because they’re fed up with the resulting void of leadership:
    • 40% of children born last year were born out of wedlock. Fatherless children are at a dramatically greater risk of drug and alcohol abuse, mental illness, suicide, poor educational performance, teen pregnancy and criminality.
    • Young men who grow up in homes without fathers are twice as likely to end up in jail
    • 63% of youth suicides are from fatherless homes
    • 71% of all high school dropouts come from fatherless homes
    • and on… and on…
         Fatherhood matters. It requires manhood, not malehood or boyhood. Watch, as we turn the tables:
    • Children with Fathers who are involved are 40% less likely to repeat a grade in school. 
    • Children with Fathers who are involved are 70% less likely to drop out of school. 
    • Children with Fathers who are involved are more likely to get A’s in school. 
    • Children with Fathers who are involved are more likely to enjoy school and engage in extracurricular activities.

         Fatherhood is only one example of manhood gone wrong Listen to Albert Mohler from last week and you’ll hear how the “he-cession” is being followed by a “she-covery” and how manhood gone awry is impacting the culture at large. Or, maybe you already get the point.  

      Feeling Adequate or Above?
           Maybe you’re doing just fine. Maybe you’re living the dream, abiding like a champ… Until you compare yourself with your heroes. Today I got my weekly e-update from friends at Centurion Advisory Group. Great info on what’s going on with the Dow, Bernanke, etc. Today, they note the recent release of the purely Satanic game “Grand Theft Auto, V” produced sales of over $1B. Then went on to point out a few matters regarding manhood:
      At age 20, Bill Gates founded Microsoft. At age 21, Thomas Edison created his first invention, and Steve Jobs co-founded Apple. At age 22, Samuel Colt patented the six-shooter, and at age 24, Johannes Kepler defended the Copernican theory, and described the structure of the solar system. At age 25, Orson Welles directed and starred in Citizen Kane, Charles Lindbergh became the first person to fly the Atlantic solo, and Alexander the Great became King of Persia.
      At age 26, Albert Einstein published five major research papers in a German physics journal, Ben Franklin published the first edition of Poor Richard’s Almanac, and Napoleon Bonaparte conquered Italy.
      I’ve wondered if we haven’t emasculated a generation of young men, urging them toward a safe, risk free life, instead of encouraging them to use all their passion, energy, and idealism to solve the problems of the world. Too many, it seems, are content to live out their dreams of changing the world vicariously, through a video game, rather than charging the hill to make the world a better place.
            As adult males, we must begin to recapture our purpose: responsibility under God’s rule for His glory. In Genesis 3, when the Fall took place, God didn’t go after Eve for her sin – he asked Adam, as He’s still asking us today, where he had, as the man responsible, failed God, himself and Eve. God commanded all the men to meet with Him three times a year (see Deut. 16:16), promising to care for their families and fields while they were away. God clearly takes manhood seriously. And, He hasn’t left us in the dark on it.

      Mel Gibson, as Lt. Col. Harold Moore calling
      in “broken arrow” on desperate men.
      All is Not Lost: Calling Down Fire From Above
           If you saw “We Were Soldiers”, you know the story of Lt. Col. Harold Moore, whose troops were vastly outnumbered and entirely surrounded in La Drang Valley during Vietnam. Mel Gibson, who played Moore, calls in “‘Broken arrow’… I repeat ‘broken arrow'”. This means the situation is so desperate that if friendly fire is not called in on your location (possibly killing and wounding some of your own men), you and your men are lost. 
           Manhood is in trouble. But, biblical manhood holds true, lasting solutions. God’s refining fire could wound or kill us in some figurative or literal way. But, it is the only option outside of total massacre. I have no excuses. Reasons, but no excuses. I’ve failed as a man repeatedly and like you, I don’t need anyone else to prattle on about how short I’ve fallen of the mark. I want solutions. And God, who is rich in mercy, has given me breath, heartbeat, and another day to get up and walk as He designed us all to. Will you join Him as He calls us to walk in those shoes?

           If you’re a man in the Alpharetta/John’s Creek/Cumming/Roswell/Dawsonville area – join us at a table, no prep required, as we dive in again on what it means to be a man, God’s way, at ONE TH1NG this Friday morning at the Cabernet Steakhouse on Windward at GA 400 7AM to 7:59AM for part 3 of Broken Arrow.

      in Christ,


      Discipleship Update – Putting Clutter to Death

       “Highly productive, well rested, God focused, and ready for anything.
           Describe you? Last year, God began stirring in me a desire to break from a number of bad habits… or perhaps a lifestyle. Through a few secular books, he opened my eyes to productivity principles that had been “hiding in plain view” right there in the scriptures. After compiling weeks of study, hours of notes, months of application and “tweaking” and publishing several blog posts, I was invited to speak to two groups of men over the course of about 4 months: Men Step Up – Gwinnett, and ONE TH1NG in Alpharetta, GA.

      Eliciting feedback from the men at the tables of ONE TH1NG

           The results are still to be calculated, having directly reached 90-100 men from 15 different churches, dozens of businesses, and an untold national impact through our blog and FB pages. Many of the men were struck between the eyes when it comes to the concepts of clutter, workflow management, organization, and the stewardship of ideas: “most of us have never been taught how God sees it.” Clutter and disorganization all come from one source: a divided heart. And, only a heart fully surrendered to one Master can keep from being caught up in the rat race.

      “You can’t worship two gods at once. Loving one god, you’ll end up hating the other. Adoration of one feeds contempt for the other. You can’t serve both God and [stuff]. (Mt. 6:24 MSG)”
           Conversations among the many men pinned this down: our schedules are the most clutter friendly arenas in life and regardless of the type of clutter we battle, the losers are most often and severely our families. 
           God’s word does not return void and did not for any of these men. Today, I’m still receiving occasional texts from guys to tell me that they’ve just eliminated hundreds (on guy, thousands) of emails from their inbox and have begun to experience what David Allen calls the freedom of “Captain and Commander” mode. This information may soon be available in eBook format and as a half day workshop for men in the marketplace. Inbox me or keep your eyes on our pages for details and updates.

      Other Updates:

      • While our Facebook page now has over 150 “Likes”, the blog now has over 12,000 views, and our YouTube channel now has over 200 subscribers and more than 4,300 video views!
      • Aarron was recently asked to join Echo Ministries’ Board of Elders and will be serving a term as an elder for ministry leader, Greg Ford.
      • Aarron is currently rehearsing “That Day” in preparation for soon to be announced performances in the metro-Atlanta area. Stay tuned to Facebook and the blog for updates.

      Clutter – How It Burns Down a Life and How to Stop the Fire

      Inbox on Fire?

           Ever feel like a blind fireman on a high speed treadmill, putting out flames because they were “there” but working with no strategy or forethought? Ever think “If I ever do put out this fire, there’ll only be two more to take its place!”
      Career path…
              Growing responsibility…
                    Non-stop emails…
                         Honey-do list…

            Four months into a nice promotion I had a tangled ball of loose ends in a sky-high inbox and onscreen, over 1,100 unread emails!

            That’s when I came across David Allen’s book “Getting Things Done.”  I read it until 2AM and immediately implemented everything I could.  1,100 emails went to 0 in 72 hours and I was committed to stay on top of the pile.  I now had power and perspective.  It lasted… or so I thought.

      Smelling the Same, Old Smolder?
            Shortly after our marriage, Cristine made it really clear that I’d brought too much stuff into our small apartment when we merged lives.  Inbox was on fire again. Silly me thought she was just referring to stuff that could be seen.  There was plenty of that, but I also had too many commitments and unfinished business on my calendar and in my head. There was smoke on the brain and it was making life stink.

           Our young family was gasping for air and the mirror clearly pointed to one of the prime sources of suffocation.
        While I had learned some great practices and helpful principles, but applications were limited to a few compartments of my life. The cause of the fire couldn’t have been my desk… but with so much smoke, how could we track down the source? We needed clarity.

      David Allen says this:

           “Most peoples’ to-do lists are just incomplete collections of unclear things.  Most peoples’ organization is just rearranging piles of still unclear stuff.” 

          So what can be done to bring clarity and abolish clutter?

            Let’s flip the pages of an even better book and see what God has to say. You see, clutter isn’t just about things… it usually starts with our thoughts. As I read the word, God showed me my thinking had been very, very sloppy and sloppy thoughts come from a sloppy heart. Taming the clutter meant subduing the disobedient parts of my heart… a heart divided against the Lord.

      Ultimate Fire Emergency Plan:

           God provides clarity like this:  “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your mind and with all your strength.  Deuteronomy 6:5 He also teaches us that serving rival gods leads us to a place of confusion, contamination… clutter. “No servant can serve two masters. Either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and Money.” Sounds like conflict, right? But, a heart divided between building two kingdoms is the primary fuel for the fire. And, a mind “controlled by the Spirit [which brings] life and peace (Rom. 8:6)” is the elite fire team designed to tame the rebellious heart’s spreading flames.
            Conflict and clutter can show up in a lot of different places… our schedule, our priorities, our check book, junk drawer, our trunks, our closet, our plans, our hearts, our minds.

            Clutter isn’t just a fire starter, though -it’s also a mirror.  It provides clues and important evidence.  The challenge for us who seek to follow Christ is in accepting that the mirror is accurate without downplaying our idolatry and service to the rival god of “[our] stuff”.  Walking away from that mirror without forgetting what you’ve seen will require a plan, an act of God, and a band of brothers to watch your back.

             If you ever feel like you are working harder yet falling farther behind;  if your email inbox is over 100;  if you feel like you own some nice stuff, but your stuff also owns you;  if you smell the fresh air of freedom, but the smoke is still in your lungs; then join us at a table this Friday morning at ONE TH1NG (The Cabernet Steakhouse, Windward Pkwy & 400 from 7AM to 7:55AM) where we’ll look into the only Word that brings eternal life and can set us free from sloppy thinking, a divided heart and the luring lie of multi-tasking.

      Come hungry for the truth and fasten your seat belt.


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