What We’ve Been Up To:

     Over the past several years, Seasons of Life has provided discipleship to men, women, and couples regardless of their financial status. In many cases, we have essentially “given away” tens of thousands of dollars in bible based counseling to people who both needed it and couldn’t afford it. 
     Thanks to the incredible training we’ve received over the years from organizations and individuals from North Point Community Church to BTCP to Elijah House to Free Chapel’s “School of Discipleship” to Jesus Spoken Here, we’ve been able to lock arms with men and women who truly desire deeper intimacy with Christ and walk with them through the various trials and seasons God has laid out for them.

Today, I’m asking for your help to meet two needs – one with a November 5th deadline and the other on November 23rd.

The “Now” Need

     Our current need for all October ministry expenses is a bit over $4,000. Not so bad, considering that’s needed by November 5th, and we have a little more than $1,000 in matching funds available to get there. Every little bit, big chunk, and ridiculously huge bit counts. To help meet this need in the next 6-7 days, simply click here or go to our support page at www.seasonsoflifeministries.org/support and designate your gift using the drop down menu or follow directions there for check giving and our mailing address. Yes, all donations are tax deductible as permitted by IRS section 501(c)3.

      Next year, we anticipate “giving away” hundreds more hours of biblical counseling to dozens of men, women, and couples, caring for the needs of the working poor in our sphere of influence, and exhorting/encouraging believers forward into a more mature faith. The support of those who give sacrificially to this ministry are absolutely essential to making that happen. A large scale fundraising opportunity has come up that could make next year’s efforts possible in just one day. Here’s where you come in: 

Awareness and Opportunity…
The “Later” Need
: “One Thing-a-thon”

     This event will happen on November 23rd. Now, this is a really cool opportunity for those who may not have a whole lot of giving capacity at this time: One Th1ng, a local ministry that spurs men on in their walk with God is sponsoring a picnic and walkathon called “One Thing-a-Thon” on November 23rd to raise support and awareness for four local ministries, including Seasons of Life Ministries! Watch the video below as Kirby Wisler explains 3 ways you can help out…

What To Do:
     Today, I’m inviting you to consider supporting Seasons of Life Ministries and all we’ve been called to do by:

  1. Join us as a runner: invite people around you to sponsor you by the mile or for the walk
  2. Be a “recruiter”: share this video with people close to you invite them to sponsor me as I walk/run 10 miles that morning.
  3. Sponsor me (I’ll be walk/running 10 miles) as a corporate sponsor or individual donor for $1, $10, or even $100 a mile or give a flat donation for the day.

As always, thank you, for your readership, prayers, and support!

in Christ,