Volunteers Needed: The Nuts and Bolts of "How"? (Updated!)

You Like “Easy”, Don’t You?
     For those of you who see the “One Thing a Thon” as the ideal opportunity for serving the Seasons of Life community (or any of the other three ministries involved), keeping it simple is key. (Updated:) Below are 6 simple “how to” steps. You don’t need to be a professional fundraiser or even highly athletic to make a huge impact, even if you won’t be in town the day of the event (see note below)!

     Wise counsel has led us to believe this event could bring in $30,000 or more. Because of this, walkers and “team captains” are the area of greatest need for November 23rd. Hitting that number would bring us current on several professional expenses and deep into next year without having to spend another minute on fundraising. In other words, if this event is “successful”, we could spend nearly 100% of our time next year working in the ministry rather than on the ministry. Volunteers and individual donations are needed, but the number above demands a lot of feet at Fowler Park and hands sharing this video.

     As a walker, even if you were to commit to walking a few miles and signed up 10 donors at $10 a mile, you would bring a few hundred dollars to the cause. If you’re a great organizer/networker/motivator (team captain) and all you did was share this specific post with three people you really believe in, you could captain a team “Team Jones”, for example, that brings in three or four times more than you could on your own.

How To:
     Well, you’ve seen the “Purpose and Goals” video at www.onethingathon.com or on our YouTube page. Right? Here are 6 steps to help you move forward…

  1. Make a decision “how, how much, and how far?”: If you won’t be in town the day of the event, see the note below “What If I’m Not Available That Day?”. Then, decide if you’re going to walk, run, push a stroller, etc. and how far you you’ll go and how much you hope to raise. (Pray fervently about all of these.)
         I’m planning to walk/run 5 miles, Kirby Wisler is roller-blading 5 miles for his cause, etc. From there, you’re on the honor system to complete what you say you’re going to do, so if your friends donate $5 per mile, make sure you go as far as you said you would to honor their donation. Fair enough? Excellent.
  2. Make it official: Register at “Event Registration” under your own name if you’re walking/running, etc. or enter your team name in “Name” at whatever level works for you (Gold, Silver, or Bronze, or Basic).
  3. Make a list: jot down the names of the people you’d like to recruit as walkers to help the cause.
  4. Make the introduction: share the video with them via email, text, Facebook, or other preferred media (really “old school” people might just invite a few friends over to watch the video at their home, right?).

    “I’m supporting Seasons of Life Ministries in a walk-a-thon on November 23rd and I’d love to give you some brief info on it so you can decide how you can best help. Could you take a few minutes to watch this video that explains the event and the causes involved?”

    (Here’s the link again for you to copy and paste: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FjtPLjumhkw or send them to www.onethingathon.com).

  5. Make a request: Once they’ve seen the video, ask them if they see themselves as fellow walkers or if they’d just support you in your support of us and our mission.
  6. The important fields on the “donate” page…
  7. Make the connection: If they want to donate, simply send them to


    and they can make an online donation. Remind them to enter your name (or your “team”) name in the appropriate field and remember to tell them to choose “Seasons of Life Ministries” in the “*Give my donation to” menu. (See illustration.) They will then be taken to One Thing Ministries’ secure, online giving page.

What If I’m Not Available That Day?
     Rest assured, barring any catastrophes, I will be there, rain or shine, even if you can’t. 
     Simply invite them to donate on my behalf. You may be surprised how many people are still willing to support when they know provision has already been made for your absence. Remember – it’s not about the event, walking, or even running. The event is just a rally point for people to gather around in support of our mission and the cause of those we minister to.

What About Corporate Sponsors?

     We are anticipating several hundred people at Fowler Park on the 23rd, so there is ample opportunity for corporate sponsorship including banners and other collateral. If you’d like information on that, please contact me directly via email, Facebook message, or phone.

     On behalf of all those who we minister and all those who are praying for this ministry, its impact, and our family – thank you.

in Christ,

Aarron Pina