2014 EOY Newsletter Banner-01-012014 at a Glance:

  • In 2014,  God led us to launch “Clean Slate” (www.zeroinbox.org), a bible-based productivity workshop that “unstuck” 30+ people in 4 cities. They now approach their work from a more biblical mindset, with less stress, and have eliminated 15,000+ emails from their inboxes!
  • We continued to lead men, women, and couples in one on one/couples discipleship.
  • On very short notice, brought the life changing truth of eternal rewards to over 200 people wrapped up in the funny, thought provoking one man show “That Day” (www.thatday.info).
  • Oh, and somehow, Cristine managed to homeschool three of our children, Presleigh (6), Jezreel (4), and Jovi (4) along the way. What a year?!

    If you prayed for us, encouraged us, or supported financially, THANK YOU!

Plan and Needs for 2015, 2016, 2017 and Beyond

We know we’re on the right track, making an impact, but need to keep our focus tight. Moving forward, we plan to focus on 3 programs:

  1. One on one discipleship and couple to couple marriage discipleship.
  2. Refining, marketing, and teaching our Clean Slate Workshop.
  3. Fine tuning, publicizing, and performing “That Day” as God leads.

Do you notice something really big missing from the above 3 items?

Right. The reason I didn’t add “raising funds to support all this work,” is because we’re inviting you to help us put that in the past, right now.  So…
…would you join us in either year end giving for 2014 ($20K to go by December 31st!) or jump in as a monthly or quarterly supporter of this work in 2015 and beyond?

Here are the program needs as we see them right now:

  • Clean Slate: new audio/video hardware and software to help develop and market the workshop. Research & development funding to refine the curriculum.
    Need: $5,200
    Planned impact: 150 people in 2015
  • That Day: needs new audio equipment for presentation. We also need studio and marketing/branding funds to promote the events and create follow up curriculum for small groups.
    Need: $3,500
    Planned impact: 2,500 people in 2015
  • Discipleship Development: Staff development, study, and retreats.
    Need: $12,480
    Planned impact: 25 people in 2015

These programs are impacting men and women who lead and impact others all over Atlanta and the world, but your partnership makes it possible. Would you help us capture the $2,500 matching funds for 2014 or help meet these needs for 2015?

To give online, click here. Or, mail to:

Seasons of Life Ministries

3482 Keith Bridge Rd. #285

Cumming, GA 30041

Thanks, for your prayers, encouragement, and support!!!

Aarron & Cristine Pina