John Woodall & his wife, Deborah
John is director of Groups for
North Point Community Church

and like me, a member of the
“I Married UP” club. Much love, John
      Note: Today, I wanted to pass on a note from John Woodall to the men who often gather at the Cabernet Restaurant on Friday mornings from 7AM to 7:55. If you’ve never attended ONE TH1NG, this would be a great week to check in. It’s a come-as-you-are-when-you-can-we’ll-fill-you-in-as-we-go kind of conversational environment designed to spur men on to walk with God. 

     If there’s a guy out there who knows a thing or two about walking with God (and walking with men who walk with God), John Woodall is that guy. Everytime John and I connect, he throws out a question that challenges me as a man and always makes me think, pray, and search the scriptures. That’s the kind of guy every man needs in his life, wouldn’t you agree?

    Get up, get out, and get there this Friday.

Direction Correction

We can’t ignore it, so we go on a quest to remove it …or at least try to fix it.

Men try many different things to numb, deny,run from and cope with the Ache…as if it is a problem to be solved.

This “Ache” is in the soul of man and shows up in different times and seasons.

Last week we looked at a number of seasons:

  • 0-10 there is the ache of Unmet Needs
  • In our teens there is the ache of Rejection
  • In our 20’s, men ask, “What ache?”
  • 30’s bring the ache of Disappointments
  • The 40’s is a season of Disillusionments
  • 50-60’s men experience Dissatisfaction and
  • In our 70-80’s men just ache.

I have been on a 58-year quest to remove this ache only to discover a very important insight…

What we really need is a Direction Correction.

Join us Friday morning as we unpack well-grounded strategies to deal with the aches in every season of life.

Make an extra effort to invite or pick up and bring another man…. I guarantee some very lively conversations and direction based on truth.

See you early!

– John Woodall