So… Last Week?

We had great content, great traffic and a HUGE technical malfunction that left a lot of you hanging – THANK YOU, for your patience!

This week, if the Lord wills, we’d like to give you another opportunity to answer the question “How can I make every day count?”

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Martin Luther is often quoted:

“there are only two days on my calendar: today and that day [we come before Christ].”

Two part question:

  1. Which day are you most focused on right now – today or that Day?
  2. Can you prove it? In other words, if we looked at your
    1. a) calendar,
    2. b) to do list,
    3. c) checkbook
    4. d) prayer log, for the past month,
      would we conclusively prove you’re living for that Day?

My rear view mirror occasionally haunts me…

How about you? Ever feel like important, God honoring things are falling through the cracks?

Join us Thursday for a free, 45 minute webinar. I’ll take a very small bite of our hours of Clean Slate Workshop material and we’ll work through it together.

I want you to walk away from Thursday with some greater clarity on God’s vision for your life and how to connect the dots between this day and that great Day that awaits us all in Christ.

Will you join us? Thursday, 1PM Eastern.

Go to and register for the webinar.

in Christ,

Aarron Pina

P.S. BTW, I don’t want you to walk away with “work life balance” or “time management skills” or any other silly, extrabiblical, worldly nonsense.
Instead, I want you to know you’re one degree closer to your God given “true North” with some physical and mental tools that will keep you facing that direction, living life from a Clean Slate.