Leaders are Readers HyattAfter New Year and Back to School season, summer is the most popular “reset” time of year. Who wants to be out of shape, behind the curve, or overwhelmed when “beach” is such a viable option? Heck, the words “summer” and “reading” practically go hand in hand, right? Summer is the perfect time to course correct on a few squandered New Year’s resolutions, especially catching up on lost bible reading or sharpening some otherwise dull iron!

I sent emails, texts and phone calls out to leaders all across the country. A good number have yet to get back to me, but the fastest to their phones were Boyd Bailey, John Woodall, and Joel Thomas. For this reason, I’ll let them go first with their top current reads and recommendations.

Wisdom HuntersBoyd Bailey – Founder, Ministry Ventures; President, Georgia National Christian Foundation; Founder & Author, Wisdom Hunters

7John Woodall – Director [7] and Men’s Groups, North Point Community Church

  • A Grief Disguised: How the Soul Grows through Loss – Jerry Sittser
  • The Gospel of John – John, the Apostle… yeah the apostle that Jesus loved the most. John Woodall makes a great point in our conversation – “The bible is still the best for me.”
    So, let me ask you – what sections of God’s word are you going to dig into most this summer?

plogo_MissionCommunityChurchJoel Thomas – Lead Pastor, Mission Community Church

12stone_vertScott Mawdesley – Campus Pastor, 12Stone Church; Blogger, Leaderkick.com


Intentional HeartsMichael Todd Wilson – Author, Christian Counselor, Sexual Integrity Coach, Intentional Hearts Ministries

Personally, I’m diving back into the Old Testament – specifically,

VillageMatt Chandler – Author; Lead Pastor, The Village Church

NOTE: Just met with Ron Dunn, CEO of Carpets Plus and leader of One Th1ng for Men – this summer, he’s reading through as much of Andy Andrews as he can. But also re-reading Psalms and taking a deep topical approach to the bible from the perspective of “What’s God Say My Role is as a Man?” A worthy reading plan, no?

FBCFurther, anyone familiar with Crawford Loritts knows that he’s an avid reader. He’s recently been reading the following:

Boa Reflections KDBKen Boa – Author; President, Reflections Ministries; President, Trinity House Publishers


What’s on your list and how can I help you blaze through it?

in Christ,