My Achy, Breaky Heart   When I look up at this massive universe and see how big it is I’ve often wondered, “Why?”, “What’s the purpose?”, “Why am I here?” “Does my life even matter?”

      On the one hand there is incredible beauty and on the other incredulous evil.

     Recently, I found myself asking, “How do I deal with the pain of disappointment, disillusionment and a messed up world?

It hurts. It aches.

      Most of our lives are filled with more good things than we would have ever imagined including love and joy and peace; yet right next to it, we struggle with anger, greed, jealousy and lust.

      It is a struggle. It’s a daily battle and we ache.

      Men today have many options to navigate the ache.

      Often, we choose to medicate with busyness, money, medication or an unsustainable pace.  Still the ache lingers.

Too many walk around as Medicated Men.

      There is a better way…a more manly way…and it carries God’s seal of approval.

      Join us at the tables this Friday as we discover how to deal with the aches of this life.

 – John Woodall