That Day brought the awe of heaven and the love of God to hundreds last month!

We’re on a Mission!

Last year, we had a vision to help 10,000 people live every day with eternity in mind. In January, we were able to reach close to 600 of them with two That Day performances!

Exciting Opportunity:

Clearly, God is using this story to change the hearts and minds of a whole lot of people. We’ve been invited to present it to a pastor’s conference next month. These are pastors from all over the US trying to reach unchurched people in a country where more and more people are not professing Christians: America. We can help. But, we need your help.

Mission Driven? Mission Given.

We need to cover some costs without raising the burden on these pastors and their churches. It will take about $750 to bring That Day to this conference and we don’t want mission driven givers to miss out on an opportunity to give where it counts.

If we can raise this support before February 7th, we’ll have a shot at bringing That Day to these pastors and eventually, hundreds in their churches and communities, who will impact thousands around them. To support this effort, give to the That Day fund here.

What We’re Seeing That Day Do:

The feedback we got from the performances was life changing. MANY were moved:
  • to laughter, tears, or both
  • some to action
  • and a few… to the altar.
Among the smiling and teary testimonials:
“…powerful and sobering.  It gave me a new perspective & it challenged me.” Y.M., Dawsonville, GA
“Engaging, funny and very touching.  I was in tears often, in good and bad ways.” L.F., Alpharetta

Three Things Jesus Will Say:

At the end of this life, we will come before Jesus and hear one of three things:
  • “Away from me, I never knew you.”
  • “Welcome!”
  • “Well done, good and faithful servant.”
We want to move some of the
  • “Away from me”s to “welcome”
  • “Welcome”s to “Well done!” and
  • “Well done”s to maximum rewards and glory for Christ.
Looking with excitement toward that day of HIS glorious appearing!!!

in Christ,

Aarron & Cristine