A Second First?

•••     Yesterday marked our second That Day engagement at Midway Community Church. But, instead of a general audience of 300, for the first time we welcomed an invite-only group of 30 pastors, business leaders, and marketplace ministry types to gather around a BurgerFi lunch to see a “lunch portion” of the show.


30 pastors & ministry leaders attended the first That Day Leader’s Lunch

•••   Pastors, directors, and representatives were present from Perimeter Church, First Baptist Cumming, Echo Ministries, Men Step Up – Gwinnett, and even Cafe1040.

Best Performance, Yet!

“Dan” describes coming before the judgment seat of Christ.

•••     The story was very, very well received and attendees gave some excellent feedback, all of which was extremely helpful. All of those surveyed rated the performance at the top of the scale, including several repeat audience members who said it was the best performance, yet!

•••     More importantly, their reactions to the story all pointed in one direction: whether it’s for the lost surrendering their lives to Christ, awakening sleeping believers, or turbocharging active Christ followers, That Day ups” the urgency.

Help Us Bring That Day to Your Organization

•••     Seasons of Life Ministries has always been deeply committed to discipleship. Discipleship begins with vision – accurate vision of who Christ is and why He has us here. That Day is all about that vision and we’d like to help you bring this story to your church, retreat, date night, outreach or whatever other event you have coming up.

•••     To share the vision of That Day, share our 90 second “teaser” video with your Pastor, Executive Director, or C-level head honcho. Or, if you are said honcho, click here to email us!