Good morning –
Last week’s performance of “That Day” was a tremendous success. So many people showed up, we needed more tables and chairs! Our heart’s desire was that it wasn’t in the quantity of people who showed up, but that the people God wanted to see it were there. Mission accomplished. He is sovereign.

The audience was wowed. As the performer, so was I. God has inspired so many poignant changes to the script over the past three years (especially the past three weeks), that I’m amazed all the right lines came out of my mouth that night. There was laughter, tears, a little uncomfortable laughter, elbows to the people next to us, and a whole lot of wonder inspired by the main character’s journey through his look at eternal rewards at the judgment seat of Christ.

The worship team – Ryan and Crystal Casey and former boy-band member Kevin Swan, gave their best and created inspiring punctuation for story. We are grateful for their service to the kingdom.

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In the coming days and weeks, we’ll have photos (possibly videos), testimonials, and commentary regarding the show, as well as detailed information on how you can bring this story front and center for your church or organization.

This morning, as we regroup from a very busy month, I leave you with some uplifting thoughts from Boyd Bailey – author and President of “Wisdom Hunters”.

in Christ,


P.S. For now, keep us in prayer for the upcoming One Thing, Pier Foundation, Seasons of Life fundraising event in November: “The One Thing-a-Thon”. To participate, volunteer, donate, or just attend, go to “”.