What Does the Gospel Have to Do with Your Inbox?

Clean Slate 2015_Gospel Driven     Lately, I’ve focused all of my time either on one on one discipleship, couples discipleship, and teaching Gospel Driven Productivity to groups and individuals. In other words, little or no blogging on the topic. We believe Jesus died not only to set us free from sin and death, but also that we may live free, focused, and fruitfully in Christ instead of walking blindly, foolishly, and unproductive in the flesh (see Ephesians 4:22-24, Gal. 5:13, 2 Peter 1:8). This doesn’t guarantee a wrinkle free life devoid of calamity, suffering and distraction in the now. But, it can make the recovery from latter a lot smoother and the (eternal) reward a whole lot fuller. We call it living from a Clean Slate.

As August, 2015 rolls around, we plan to dedicate more time to leaving you a “paper trail” of help: articles to help you dig out of overwhelm and keep you focused on what matters most. Keep your eyes here and we’ll do our level best to regularly push out clear, relevant articles designed to help you develop a Christ centered “distraction recovery plan”.

Boyd Bailey (Wisdom Hunters) and his organization, Ministry Ventures, have been a huge help to Seasons of Life Ministries over the years. Whether you’re an entrepreneur in the for profit sector or a ministry or non-profit leader, MV has a clear, simple set of best practices that can help you go further, faster. (Sounds a little like Clean Slate living, right?) While Boyd and his team are incredibly wise when it comes to organizational leadership, their success is firmly grounded in the wisdom of God. For this reason, I’m leaving a link at the bottom of the post for the Wisdom Hunters Daily Devotional. If you’re not already subscribed to it, don’t leave this post without clicking that link.

Ministry Ventures Infusion     Last quarter, I had the opportunity to sit down with Beth Bennett, Director of Coaching for Ministry Ventures and discuss some of the basics of developing a “comprehensive theology of productivity”, that is… living life from a Clean Slate. Here’s a link to their podcast. http://ow.ly/Qe846

For more on our next Clean Slate Webinar, workshops, or coaching, click above or go to zeroinbox.org.

Grace and peace of Christ and subsequently, a Clean Slate.



That Day is Coming… So is Commentary! Plus, Wisdom Hunted

Good morning –
Last week’s performance of “That Day” was a tremendous success. So many people showed up, we needed more tables and chairs! Our heart’s desire was that it wasn’t in the quantity of people who showed up, but that the people God wanted to see it were there. Mission accomplished. He is sovereign.

The audience was wowed. As the performer, so was I. God has inspired so many poignant changes to the script over the past three years (especially the past three weeks), that I’m amazed all the right lines came out of my mouth that night. There was laughter, tears, a little uncomfortable laughter, elbows to the people next to us, and a whole lot of wonder inspired by the main character’s journey through his look at eternal rewards at the judgment seat of Christ.

The worship team – Ryan and Crystal Casey and former boy-band member Kevin Swan, gave their best and created inspiring punctuation for story. We are grateful for their service to the kingdom.

For more details on “That Day”, go to www.thatday.info.

In the coming days and weeks, we’ll have photos (possibly videos), testimonials, and commentary regarding the show, as well as detailed information on how you can bring this story front and center for your church or organization.

This morning, as we regroup from a very busy month, I leave you with some uplifting thoughts from Boyd Bailey – author and President of “Wisdom Hunters”.


in Christ,


P.S. For now, keep us in prayer for the upcoming One Thing, Pier Foundation, Seasons of Life fundraising event in November: “The One Thing-a-Thon”. To participate, volunteer, donate, or just attend, go to “http://www.onethingathon.com/”.