He Reigns… He Provides
      Every month, it’s the same thing – God does wild, eleventh hour stuff to shock us with His care and understanding of our provision as a ministry and a family. This month is no different, except the shock level is a little higher. While incoming year end support seemed to trickle in slowly and matching funds began to wane, God used a few, key people to shift the tide:

     Today, we stand about $6,500 from meeting the most basic support needs… Inches from the finish line. Better than that, we now have about $2,500 in matching funds to help make your giving go farther. Rather than clog everyone’s inbox with moment to moment updates, I’m simply going to put it out there on the blog and Facebook a couple more times over the next two weeks just to keep people “in the know” regarding where we’re at.

Asking Specific, Asking Big
     While the total need above is “most basic support needs”, that contains a lot of smaller parts. Included in this number are “parts” like phone and internet (<$80/month combined), fuel and mileage ($400), postage $48 per quarter, secure post office fee ($240 for the year of 2013), Constant Contact email service - reaching 400 readers (about $196 for 2013), Speak Life - marriage conference scholarship ($300) for 4 couples in need of a "tune up"/marriage tweaks.      On top of that, I’m going to take a strange step out and ask big – I don’t believe we’re here to just “finish the year at ‘basic needs funded’ “. I believe we’re here to make an impact on more men and marriages this year than ever. I believe we’re here to do more than just “break even”. I’d like to give you an opportunity to participate in that kind of life change by bringing this ministry from 40% to 80% to 100% funded.     Would you consider joining us in support, starting January 2013, as a $25 supporter, $100 supporter, or even “board level” at $200? To Support Online Using our Secure Online Giving Portal:
Monthly Support:

One Time Support:

To support by check, make your check payable to Seasons of Life Ministries and mail to:
Seasons of Life Ministries
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Thanks, and Merry Christmas!!!