After some high quality, small scale successes with That Day, Seasons of Life Ministries is looking toward our 2017 vision for That Day:

Bringing the message of “living everyday with eternity in mind” to 8,000 people in the Greater Atlanta Area and 2,000+ people beyond in 2017.

Could it happen? Yep.

TDPL-Group-PicBut, it’s going to require God opening some doors that were previously closed – specifically the doors to the hearts of pastors who see the vital importance of developing an eternal mindset. But, pastors are busy and often they can’t respond to every, single opportunity that pops into their inbox. Like me, they know they can’t possibly respond to every request that comes across their desk, so they often automatically reply “no” or just ignore the vast majority without a second look.


…we’ve asked a few of their colleagues to share what they thought of That Day in hopes that it might get our foot into a door or two. Take a look:

  • “That Day has helped a number of our church members to refocus on the prize that matters! Very creative dramatic interpretation of one of the most important days in all believers’ lives!  – Dean Ropp, Senior Pastor Midway Community Church – SBC, Alpharetta, Georgia
  • “Aarron Pina’s presentation of “That Day” is remarkable, inspiring and life changing. You will laugh and cry throughout the whole event. I was moved and convicted from the very start. Amazing! Every pastor needs to have this presentation in their church.” – Todd Smith, Senior Pastor – Christ Fellowship Dawsonville, GA; CEO/Founder”
  • “I cannot imagine any reason why a church or ministry would not benefit from this anointed presentation. It will change lives.– Casey Sanders, Men Step Up
  • “That Day helped me cultivate a more eternal perspective.” – Gary Bulley, Senior Pastor, Living Stones Church, Cumming, GA

Help Us Reach 10,000+ People This Year:

Would you pass this information on to a church leader, marketplace ministry leader, or other influencer in a three way email introducing me? We’d greatly appreciate your help spreading the word and getting these endorsements and our video preview onto their desk!

in Christ,