For 2017, we have a vision to reach 8,000 people in the Greater Atlanta area and 2,000+ outside of Georgia with the message of “living everyday with eternity in mind”. With God, this is more than possible.

And, we need your help this month in two ways. First, in support:

We’ve got about a $1,200 need carried over from October that will help us to stay current on all ministry obligations. This will cover fees, marketing materials, and some employee salaries.

We need a microphone for on camera interviews and capturing Clean Slate and That Day testimonials moving forward. It’s about $80 and it will help us bridge the gap between those who are merely thinking about bringing That Day to their church and people who actually bring it there. This would be a big, big help!

nov-2016-calendar-seasonal-by-month-600For November, the most vital need is keeping me fully engaged, fully available, and laser focused on delivering That Day and developing Clean Slate leader training materials for upcoming engagements. If we’re fully funded, I can dedicate 100% of my working hours to doing exactly that. About another $2,700 and we’re there. Maybe 10 of y’all can get together at a little over $100 a piece or invite 100 people to give $25. Let’s reach the 10,000!

Additionally, we’ll have some expenses for the upcoming That Day Leader’s Lunch – roughly $400. If you can give all or part of that, we’d greatly appreciate it and it can help us ensure we reach exactly the pastors, business leaders, and influencers who can bring this life changing message to hundreds more people than we’d planned, possibly months earlier. This month, we have about $700 in dollar-for-dollar matching funds available until the 15th.

To help in any of these areas or to join us as a monthly partner in reaching the 10,000, either text “seasons” to 77977 (normal texting rates, if any, apply) or tap here to use our secure online giving through PushPay.

Second, in prayer:

Pray that the new That Day Leader Lunch goes viral and we have more RSVP’s than we can handle, resulting in a dozen invitations to bring That Day and/or Clean Slate to churches throughout the state and beyond faster than we’d imagined.

Thanks, for partnering with us to make GREAT things happen, reach the unreached, and WAKE… THE… DEAD!!!

Soli Deo Gloria!!!