This month, a lot of our conversations in discipleship meetings have been related to interpersonal communication – a term I’m calling henceforth “relational injustice”. When someone does you wrong, there’s a debt/debtor relationship established. Some of us are great at cleaning the ledger through forgiveness and reconciliation and others are not… True? Sometimes. Sometimes, we’re great at it with everyone but the people closest to us. Their injustice can drive us crazy, pushing us into the “I’m not doing/saying anything until he/she/they apologize(s)!”

     Discipleship is about letting the truth of God shine a light on the dark places in our soul (mind, will, emotions) to expose the junk that’s clinging to us and stunting our spiritual growth. It’s about God growing us up into the image and stature (fullness) of Christ. (See Eph. 4.13-16) When we, broken and maturing people, regardless of that level of maturity, yoke ourselves to others relationally, there will be relational injustice. Somebody’s always “doing someone wrong”, even if only by accident.

     Next week, expect to see articles about how some people are handling the “relational injustice” in their lives, truth about the dark places in their hearts, and what it means to “grow up” in the faith.

     For now, we’re looking forward to a great wedding this weekend of two people that have been “sitting at Christ’s table with us” for a while. Watching them grow up in the faith and deal with the relational injustice factor has been an honor and a pleasure. It may seem strange to take pleasure in hearing about how people fight with each other, but this is more from a therapeutic and developmental angle – we love to see them grow to be more mature “contenders” with each other. As they (and by extension, we all) yield to who God is making them to be [that is, “one flesh”], contending becomes more mature. We become “kinder fighters” as one would have it.

    We look forward to walking with them in this new season of life. Keep Rory & Coral in your prayers!

    If you have not recently heard Pastor Andy Stanley’s excellent message on growing up (for adults only) called “Gentelmen’s Club” – PULEEZE, click here and watch part 2 of the series. It is as apropos to married couples (who also need to date each other) as it is to singles.