A few years ago at a local dinner/event, I witnessed one of Dan Diadiggo’s family’s traditions, called “Christmas Chronicles”. For the next few days, as I take some time off from the blog to soak more thoroughly in the word and unclutter some of my own brain at year end, I’ve chosen to pass forward his Christmas Chronicles for your consumption and cogitation.

     I hope as you disciple others it will serve as a helpful framework for sharing important truths about Christmas, Christ, and the God who loves us with a crazy, crazy love. It’s a tradition I’m sure the Pina family will adopt in years to come and I hope it proves to be a unique blessing to you as you and your family gather to celebrate the incarnation of a risen Savior.

 #2 such a time as this


He went there with Mary, who was pledged to be married to him and was expecting a child. While they were there, the time came for the baby to be born…

Luke 2:5-6


     Before God created the world He scheduled Jesus to touch down on its soil. Jesus entered this world according to a plan that God set in motion before Adam breathed his first. Long before there was a you or a me, there was a plan.

God’s plan –
     a plan that involves us.
          a that plan that requires Jesus.

Jesus took on flesh at exactly the right time to set us free for all time.

The Scriptures tell us the Lord determines the times and places set for us.

Think about this for a moment. He Who created the universe created you – and for such a time as this.

The people you meet, the opportunities you find and the trouble that finds you – these are divine appointments.

Uniquely yours. Entrusted to you by Jesus – Who is uniquely God.


Thank you Lord for assigning me to a time such as this. Thank you for the opportunities and people you have placed before me – and for the good works You created for me to walk in. Thank you for the life You have breathed into me and for the days You have given me. Thank you Jesus, for joining me in time so that I might live with You in eternity.


O’ Come Emmanuel