Right Now 
     Summer is often one of the most challenging seasons for churches, ministries, and other non-profit organizations. August has been historically one of our “driest” months. This August was no different. Despite that, we’ve had 9 new contacts this month seeking one on one discipleship. High demand, low supply. Yet, we know God is still in control and has not brought us to the desert to die of thirst.

Facing Today, Looking Toward Year End
     For the first year since our official inception in 2007, we’ve seen at least 4 months of the year fully funded. Normally, we’ll run closer to half that. Praise God, right? However, our immediate need (remaining need from August plus September need) is $5,125. Coming up, we have an amazing fundraising event/opportunity that almost literally fell into our lap. We’ll have more detail on that in the next two weeks, but if you can walk, run, roll or donate, you’ll want to keep the morning of Saturday, October 26th open on your calendar.

     Today, I want you to know about two needs – the immediate and the overall. It has never been more crucial that I extend a giving opportunity. By year end, we’re only facing about a $28,000 need. Normally, year end need around September is much higher. But, with this low level of need and the upcoming event in October, coming up even is a very clear possibility. Please, begin to pray for and consider Seasons of Life Ministries as you think about your year end giving.

     The second need is this: that immediate September need mentioned above. A good chunk of that will be required for salaries and related fees – meaning, our personal rent/power/water is at stake. We know after many attempts to do otherwise, that God has called us to focus our full time attention on discipleship and all things Seasons of Life. So, we call on you to consider this, our livelihood, in your immediate giving.