Unlikely Heroes:
     Last year, a handful of people wrote year end giving checks and made online donations that saved the day. They had no idea that they’d be the difference between Seasons of Life starting our 5th year in ministry at a stable walk rather than a wobbly limp. It’s that time again. Care to be a year end hero?
The Numbers:
     To finish the year “with the wheels safely on the runway”, all that’s left to raise is about $8,317, with just under $2,000 in matching funds available to reach that milestone. Immediate need (due by 12.15.2012) is about $2,900. [Update: 12.28.2012 – <$4,000 to go with a little over $1,000 in matching funds]

     For next year, our prayer is that some of you who’ve been sometimes givers will join us in regular monthly support. We’d love to see us pull closer to 70-80% funded. Obviously, while we’re praying for that, we’re also on our knees asking God to bridge the gap between December 15th and December 31st. I cordially invite you to consider us n your giving as the year closes out.

Dan’s Story
     For the past few weeks I’ve been meeting with “Dan” (not his real name). Dan’s in the middle of what he believes may be a divorce – her resolve to pursue the divorce is uncertain. He admits a lot of his hand in the marriage breakdown and that his faith has been tested by all this. Talking to him, I got a very clear picture that his church experience has been a culture of “performance” where he’s done a lot of “Jesus stuff”, but never been actively discipled in experiencing Christ and walking closely with Him. He’s even been taught a few lies about marriage and never had a chance to confront and debunk them.

     Dan’s one of those guys that John Woodall calls “dying on the vine”. But, at least he knows Who the vine is, right? As we’ve been talking, I can see thin, but heavy layers of hopelessness lifting off his shoulders. Talk of repentance, apology, and forgiveness surfaces when truth meets transparency. Only time and prayer will tell what the future holds for Dan. But, I’m honored to walk with him through this season of life, indeed the most challenging holiday season he’s ever faced.

     Many of the men and women we meet with are active supporters of Seasons of Life. But, for every one of them, there’s a Dan out there who can’t yet afford to support because of this kind of financial hardship. Your support “buys us” the time to meet with a guy like Dan. Thank you, from us and from Dan.

Why Now is Important
     Many non-profits, ministries, and churches rely on year end giving to catch up on support from earlier in the year and to prepare for a solid start for the year to come. In addition, the availability of just under $2,000 in year end matching funds means your giving is doubled up to the $2,000 mark. Your $25 brings us $50, your $100 brings us $200, etc. These matching funds are only available for giving up to the end of December.  

5 Ways You Can Support:
   1) Pledge: Contact us to let us know if you’re planning to support and we’ll guide you through the process.
   2) Support online or by check (details below) at any level.
   3) Consider Seasons of Life in your 2013, 2014, and/or 2015 giving & let us know as the Lord leads.
   4) Invite your small group or coworkers to join in “liking” us on Facebook or following our blog or start a pool in your group or office to help push us over the top.
   5) Pray, pray, pray. That’s a gift we always appreciate.

To Support Online Using our Secure Online Giving Portal:
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To support by check, make your check payable to Seasons of Life Ministries and mail to:
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Thanks, as always!

in Christ,