One man, 12 characters, so much biblical truth.

Invite a coworker to see That Day on 01.15.2017!

Two weeks ago, Pastor Mike Adams gave me the honor of speaking at his church, here in Alpharetta, about the connection between present obedience and eternal rewards. Since he’d seen the play twice already, we’d been planning to bring That Day to Holy Trinity Christian Church this coming Sunday, October 16th. But, as time marched on rather quickly, he and his team began to consider the weight of this message and consider the impact it could have given a few more weeks of honest-to-goodness marketing and word of mouth…

While I reluctantly agreed, I eventually got brutally honest with myself – Pastor Mike is both wise and right. More time for marketing could mean casting a wider net… We have an opportunity to reach men, women, students both inside and outside the church with the most important message of all. If salvation AND eternal rewards are hanging in the balance, let’s… do… it… right.

Thus, the bad news is: there will be no That Day performance this Sunday. The GREAT news is: the next open date on HTCC’s calendar is Sunday, January 15th at 6PM, giving you, me, and the members at Holy Trinity Christian Church ample opportunity to invite friends, family, coworkers, churched and unchurched alike to witness a wild, living parable about a guy named Dan who meets Jesus face to face.

If you’d like to join us or invite people you know, start by watching the 90 second “That Day Teaser Video” here. Share it on Facebook, Insta, Twitter, LinkedIn, or with anyone you can get eyeball-to-eyeball with ASAP. We look forward to seeing you on That Day!