waterproofDo My Eyes Deceive Me?!

Several years ago at a conference, I saw an odd display: a bible propped up under a tabletop fountain where the water streamed plainly down the bold, waterproof pages…

If you know my wife, during that season of our life we had a newborn and a tween. Between all that and carrying twins in her belly, the only time and space that was inviolate for her to really soak in the word of God was… while soaking in the bathtub. The paper bibles had water stains and dogged pages where her wet fingers had left water damage while trying to read in her quiet place. I knew in an instant The Waterproof Bible was exactly what she needed.

Seven years later, she’s really given this thing a workout… Take a look:

Finding a Reasonable Replacement?

Since we’d both come to faith reading the 1984 NIV, we hopped online to find a suitable 1984 NIV, waterproof style. Since the 1984 had been phased out in 2013, (basically, IBS/Biblica has buried the old translation, in favor of the “improved” [read: gender neutral] 2011 version… ) we started checking Amazon. Used versions started at around $40 with other peoples’ writing & highlights in them… Kind of felt like buying a used wedding cake with some other couple’s name iced on it, you know? But, new copies of this now out of print bible are selling for over $211. Now, “we love Jesus, yes we do; we love Jesus, how ’bout you?”, but two hundred bucks for a new bible is a little steep for this household, are you with me?

How’s THIS for Customer Service?

I went back to the publisher – Bardin & Marsee Publishing. I noticed in their store an “out of print” bibles section. But, no 1984… So, I sent them an email asking about the 1984 NIV… in pink… Would you believe in less than 24 hours I had an email from the founder of the company?

Not only that, he had one – ONE COPY – of the 1984 NIV …in pink… hanging out in a scratch and dent pile and he was willing to send it to me right away. Last one… True story. Just got off the phone with him. Bible’s in the mail. Scratches, dents, and familiar old translation in a pretty, pink cover.

Merry Christmas, Babe!

Now, I probably don’t owe this guy anything… but love. But, I’m more than happy to YAWP about Bardin and Marsee Publishing for the rest of my days because somebody at the top of the company gave a rip about their customers.

For Your Consideration:

So, you have people on your list for Christmas. They have spills on their breakfast tables during morning devotions. You have guys in your life who just want to get out into the woods with their bible and gather around the campfire with their bands of brothers. Your wife or a board member wants to soak in the word of God while soaking in the bath tub. What are you going to do for them this Christmas? I’m going to suggest you hit up the crew at Bardin & Marsee. You won’t be disappointed in your Waterproof Bible.