Could ya’ pray for this?


“That Day:” World Tour, 2016?

This August, we’re hitting the road with That Day! World Tour, 2016?! I’ve been invited to present this show at a revival “The Called”, in the Manassas, VA area and I want to invite you to pray for us in this endeavor. 

     “The Called” will be one of the most diverse crowds I’ve been in front of – including attendees of Baptist, Pentecostal Holiness, and even Charismatic churches from multiple states. While I’ve performed the show many times, presenting it to an “away” crowd this broad is uncharted territory. So, I’m inviting you to pray for me, my family, and whatever God has for us now and next.
     Since the revival is on a Monday, we may also have an chance to add a secondshow on the way, in Kingsport, TN. Making that show happen will require some very quick thinking and last minute logistic miracles on the side of the organizers. Your prayers would be greatly appreciated.

That Day 0313 Prayers – “Now”, “Then”, and “Next”

For “Now”: 
  • Pray for focus and fruit in my remaining 2 weeks of rehearsal.
  • Pray that if God wants to add a Friday night show in Tennessee that he moves the hearts and minds to make it happen.

For “Then”:

  • Pray that the Holy Spirit opens the hearts and minds to the story of “That Day”
  • Pray for fruitful feedback – not just “great show” but “Wow, I’m going to live differently in light of eternity.”
  • Pray for additional performances and Clean Slate opportunities to spring from this engagement.

For “Next”:

This fall, we’re planning to present a “Feed & Feedback” lunch for pastors and retreat leaders where we give them lunch, half of That Day, and a chance to give us feedback on the play and what it has to offer. We also hope to create a custom track for the Stay in the Word mobile app that’s specifically based on the biblical roots of the That Day and Clean Slate messages.

  • Pray for great momentum for the lunch(es).
  • Pray for diligent follow up on my part after the lunch.
  • Pray for fruitful progress as we develop the app further with this content.

Ping us back – would ya?

     If you’re committed to pray for any of these, comment below OR email us at and say “I’m in!” and you’ll be the first to get updates!
in Christ,
Aarron & Cristine Pina
P.S. Know anyone in the Kingsport, TN or Manassas/DC area? Send them our 90 second That Day teaser video!