A lot of the work we do is repair work – somebody like me has birth wounds in their soul or was traumatized by their parents’ divorce as a kid or just can’t seem to get past bitterness they’ve been harboring for decades. People come to us because they want to experience Jesus, but they’ve got stuff in their life they’ve been holding onto that’s so loud, has such a hold on their heart, or has mucked up their windshield so bad they can’t hear, touch, or see the Jesus who’s right in front of them. But, other times, we can see the proactive nature of walking together in Christ with others.

This week, as we continue to lead a group of kids through DC4K (DivorceCare for Kids), we’re hard pressed to say who’s more impressed with God – us or them?

After leading dozens of men and women through Divorce Care in North Point Community Church’s “Oasis” program, you notice that people guard themselves well. They don’t talk too much about the gaping wound their cheating spouse exploded into their heart