Monday Morning Momentum Minute

It’s All About “Heem”

     This week at ONE TH1NG, Ron Dunn pointed out to a crowded room of men that in the first chapter of Genesis alone, God refers to Himself by one of His names “Elohim” [‘el – o – HEEM] over 30 times. This begged the question: if someone spoke to you for 5 minutes and mentioned one thing over 30 times, would you guess it was an important part of the point?

     In my life, I have a love/hate relationship with going backward. I love looking over old accomplishments, photos, seasons of change and seeing the progression of where I was and where God has brought me. Some things, I can’t stand going over again, like re-doing the same work that was done right in the first place or re-hashing a point that’s been beaten into the ground. But, God… But, God constantly refers us back to one thing over and over again throughout the Old and New Testaments: Him. Good thing – He’s the only all-powerful, strong creator, who knows all, and is all.

     Jesus clarifies errant teachings of the day repeatedly in the Sermon on the Mount using the construct “you have heard it said… but I tell you this:”, implying a sort of “you’ve lost your way” theme. When the Pharisees try to trick Jesus about the nature of divorce and remarriage, He reminds them “but it was not this way from the beginning… (Mt. 19.8)” John even uses the phrase “from the beginning” about 10 times in his gospel and letters.

So, What?

     So, today, you will be tempted to forget who you are in Christ, by extension “whose” you are. You will be tempted to take over where God is “not doing His job” because sin is all about taking control of something God has already put into place.




     He created the heavens and the earth. This alone could reset your life if you ponder it long enough – He who created millions of galaxies and illions and illions of stars, He is your “strong, powerful creator” (Elohim). Are you staying out of the Driver’s seat and letting Him be God? Where in your life are you refusing to “be still and know” that He is not just God, but the all powerful creator who made the heavens and earth, trillions of stars, yet calls you His own?

Be Encouraged

     When we take our eyes off of Him, He is always faithful and just and willing to put us back on track when we acknowledge His proper place in our lives. He IS our life. He promises us wisdom when we ask for it – generously and without coming down hard on us – (see James 1:5).

     May you walk with eloHim today in peace. May He keep you in perfect peace because you trust in Him.