I Asked, You Answered, Our Thoughts

At the end of last year, I invited over 300 people to share with me what areas of life they’d like to see “under control” for 2017. That is to say, under God’s control moving forward… The response was quite revealing, candid, and telling. Below is the chart with your responses.

  • Top 4 drives for change: greater bible engagement, and control over inbox, worry, and overcommitment.

Our thoughts?

Well, if we get the first one right, the other three tend to fall into place. Vision drives it all and knowing God should be the center of our vision. If our focus time with God is on point and the other areas don’t fall into place, we’re a lot more at ease/at peace with the things that don’t fall into place, true?

We have suggestions and help for those seeking answers, accountability, and tools, but we’re holding them for those bold enough to say “I’m serious.” So, if you want to grow in those areas, reach out and we’ll develop a battle plan to go the distance with you.

in Christ,


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