How’s Your Discomfort Zone?

Uncomfortable Grace-03It’s just a fact: a man’s calendar and bank account paints the most accurate picture of his true affections. (See Luke 12:34)

Today, I found myself looking in a mirror: my check register; in it, I asked God, “am I obsessed with my own comfort?You decide what He had to say…

  • Oil change – Cost: $24.95.
    Reason – not “because it was overdue”, but because I was uncomfortable with how my wife looks at the “next oil change” sticker on the windshield. (Avoid discomfort.)
  • Box of 72 Pizza Bagel Bites Cost: $7.49.
    Reason – not “because it was a killer deal after my coupon”, but because I wanted something quick and easy that they wouldn’t complain about. (Avoid discomfort.)
  • Pair of fluffy, winter socks for my wife – Cost: $6.99.
    Reason – she loves them and it makes me feel comfortable when her love tank is full and discomfort when it’s not. (Comfort/Avoid Discomfort.)

Hyatt Comfort Zone“So what?” you say, right? “Regardless of your selfish, comfort laden motives, things that needed to get done got done, Aarron. Quit being so picky.” But, was God’s agenda accomplished or merely mine? Or, did I spend money and time trying to walk around my discomfort rather than through it?

What if the point of those tasks wasn’t my comfort (or avoidance of discomfort)? What if God was out to forge and strengthen my character via discomfort? What if my sanctification – growth into Christ-likeness – was what God was after, rather than mere stewardship of van, household food shopping, and husbanding my wife?

Paul David Tripp took a quick look under the hood of our hearts in his excellent (short read) article with a brief (5-6 min) video clip. I hope it challenges you to walk through, not around, the divine discomfort. >>> Uncomfortable Grace