Every week, I sit eyeball to eyeball with guys and talk about what God is showing them in the word, where He’s moving them in their walk, and how they’re struggling or how I can pray for them (or both). Hopefully, the influence of one man and one God in his life makes an impact to the world around him.

     Recently, a guy told me that he called his wife to let her know he was praying for her. She unknowingly gave me the coolest complement in her response when she asked him, “Are you meeting with Aarron right now or something?”.
     “No, I’m just at work.”

     Honored. Humbled. Invigorated and encouraged.

Question for Men:
     What man (or, men) are so intentionally in your face and your life that their influence is clearly marked for the positive in your marriage, your conversation, and your witness in the marketplace?