Situation Report: Prayers for Cristine

Thanks & Complications Thank you, to all who have prayed or are praying for Cristine! Here's the official update, complications, and addendum to prayer request: Last week's surgery was a success. Pain dropped significantly within a couple of days. Yesterday,...

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Staff Update: Prayers for Cristine

This week, Cristine went in for outpatient surgery to repair an umbilical (belly button) hernia. Many of you received the "calling all prayers" email and prayed like crazy. She and I wanted to thank you for your prayers. Today, I wanted to give you a quick update on...

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The ONLY Productivity Exercise That Matters

If you're into productivity and getting things done, this is going to sound like the strangest exercise, ever. I get it. But, humor me because as I read the scriptures, it's the only productivity exercise that matters. You will need about 2 minutes and your to do list...

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Mission Trip Report: Geico Land?

As March came to a close, Seasons of Life Ministries packed all of our gear into a big truck and made a 4 hour journey to Tennessee! Coincidence? Pastor Bill Requardt has been leading a growing church through 2 years of transition and invited us to bring the live...

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3 Steps to Victory Over Tyranny of the Urgent

What's Killing YOUR Productivity? As more people come to me for advice on productivity, the most common issue I'm asked about is this: “urgent things keep intruding on important things” a.k.a., “distractions & interruptions” My best response is God’s response: “Be...

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