Download “Stay in the Word”

SITW Tablet Phone Icons-02Americans touch our smartphones 1,500 times per week. Shouldn’t a few of those touches be for purposes of knowing our Savior more intimately?

Stay in the Word is the mobile devotional tool designed to give you a regular dose of experiencing Christ relevant to your season of life.

  • Download for IOS or Android. Free.
  • Sign in with your email. Free.
  • Answer a few quick demographic questions – who are you, how old, how long you been walking with Jesus?
  • Answer a few quick questions about your walk – what are your strengths & struggles?

There. You’ve taken a “snapshot” of your walk! Next, let Stay in the Word help you to stay in the word: it’ll now send you scripture twice a day, targeted on your areas of strength and areas of growth. Once you receive it, your job is to:

  1. Read.
  2. Reflect.
  3. Respond.
  4. Repeat next time.

You can increase the number of messages you receive from 2 to 12 times per day, adjust what categories of scripture you receive (“More like this” or “Less like this”) on the fly, and retake the spiritual snapshot at any time. PLUS, you can opt in to “tracks” or series of messages on specific topics like worry, anger, lust, etc.

Use it for your growth. Use it for those you influence. Use it as an outreach tool. Use it to stay in the Word.