God has called us to a ministry of “availability”. Pretty vague. Blurry lines – what does one do or not do under such a broad calling? The Lord has led us to minister to those in our path through a variety of venues. Currently, we are focused on practicing or developing the following 5 environments:

1. Discipleship – weekly, monthly, or quarterly meetings at least 60 minutes in length investigating 3 basic questions:

  • What is God showing you in His word this week and how is it challenging you?
  • What’s happened to you this week that was undeniably God?
  • How can I pray for you/where are you struggling?

2. Speak Life – this is a broad category where we serve as the hands and feet of Christ through food, clothing, and personal care items distribution. But, in the past 8 years it has also extended to putting a homeless family up in an extended stay hotel, providing fuel for single moms, Christmas trees for families who would not otherwise have one, marriage retreat and youth conference sponsorships for troubled marriages and needy teens. Anywhere that a little life is needed to bridge the gap from one challenging season to another have been places God has called, equipped, and used this ministry to care for those in need.

3. That Day – A full length, one man show about a guy you might know and the judgement seat of Christ. www.thatday.info

4. Clean Slate – A series of webinars, workshops, and coaching designed to develop a biblical approach to productivity.

5. Uprising – The sum total of our children’s discipleship programming and efforts to encourage home educators and promote development of a biblical worldview.

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