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Direction… Clarity… Productivity… Peace in the storm.

Things we all crave, but sometimes seem out of reach.

Clean Slate is designed to help you define that path, dig out of overwhelm, conquer distraction, and find yourself on track far more often than off track, saving you time, energy, bandwidth, and a ton of undue stress. In short, to help you keep God’s main thing your main thing.

Ten years ago, I was staring at over 4,500 unread emails in my own inbox and an in basket that owned my desk… and the work just kept coming in… I remember that season of my life by the three O’s that described me at the time:

  • Overwhelmed…
  • Over committed…
  • Over it!

Through a series of mentors that God brought my way, I began to not only think differently, I began to practice my faith differently. Now, I help people clear out their inbox, “unfrustrate” their productivity, and break free from the overwhelm.

How to Engage with Clean Slate

1.  Sign up for our next webinar: “Make Every Day Count!”

April, 2017, day – TBA, 1-2PM

2. Attend the webinar.

3. Ask us every question you can about your productivity frustrations.

4. Go forth and be productive!


evernotecertifiedconsultantAarron Pina is now recognized as an Evernote Business Certified Consultant™!

Evernote™ can help you, your business, even your family keep better track of all that God has entrusted to you! Celebrate what gets done, trust God with what doesn’t, and live every day with THAT DAY in mind!

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