Helping Others Keep the Main Thing the Main Thing

Businesses, churches, people all have stuff to do. Some of it is stuff we believe God has called us to do. But, somewhere between “stuff” and “done”, life happens.

We help them keep the main thing the main thing: living everyday with eternity in mind.

Our primary focus is meeting with individuals for one-on-one discipleship. But, discipleship for us also means we partner with individuals, churches, businesses, and other organizations to clarify God’s vision for their life/organization, creating a strategic plan to reach that vision, and individualized coaching to manage the finer points of how to execute that strategy.

Godlier and wiser men & women have taught us a few crucial truths. Among them are these:

    • Walking the Christian walk without “locking arms” with other believers for accountability and encouragement, the worries, riches, pleasures, and seasonal changes of life can bend us to drift off mission, off course, off plan.
    • “Men and women who walk with Jesus walk with men and women who walk with Jesus.”
    • God has already given us answers for every challenge, trial,  and season of life – sometimes it just takes “thinking out loud” with other godly people to expose the truth. (See Prov. 20.5)

Jesus warned: “in this life, you will have troubles” – if you recognize those troubles in your business, your marriage, your life in general, we can help.