Clean Slate Workshop Schedule


9:00 AM
Introduction & Housekeeping

9:20 AM
Section 1: “Rolling in the Deep… Sheep” – Understanding Your Role in the Biblical Metaphor
9:40 AM
Working Break: Go, make phone calls, read and reply to emails, and be productive

10:00 AM
Section 2: “Neuroscience for Dummies” – Meet Your Prefrontal Cortex!

10:20 AM
Section 3: “Riding a Flat or Wheel of Fortune?” – Getting Things Done Basics

10:50 AM
Working Break: Go, apply what you’ve learned to your to-do list!

11:10 AM
Section 4: “Inbox to Zero and Advanced GTD” – Is This for Real?

11:30 AM
Section 5: “Plumbing the Cracks of Your BrainWhere’d Did My Stuff Go? Evernote!

12:00 PM
Lunch & Productivity Break – Eat, Drink, and Be Productive!

1:00 PM
Section 6: “Where Did That Come From – Surprises About Your Brain

1:20 PM
Section 7: “Neuroscience for Dummies, Part 2 – Why You Do What You Don’t Want to Do

1:40 PM
Section 8: “Neuroscience for Shepherds – Demolishing Strongholds, High Places, and Difficult People?

2:00 PM

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