2 Weeks, 2 Families, 2 Words:

Two Words: The two words: "undiluted devotion". Can you imagine your family and the families around you living every day with undiluted devotion to Christ? That's the vision we've been called to. The two families: "ours" and "theirs". And, over the next two weeks, we...

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That Day: Warm Welcome Despite Cold Weather

Cold Reception? Not a Chance! On the heels of the first December snowfall, Sunday morning's thermometer read 27°. Snow & black ice battered and threatened families in Dawson and surrounding counties. Some still had no electricity. We half expected a half-empty,...

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What is Gospel-Driven Productivity?

If life on earth is just preparation for the new heaven and new earth, why would we spend so much time, money, and brainwidth on things that aren't going to last and instead focus all of our efforts on building for a retirement that will never end? What About the...

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You Ought to Know

Great commission. Very simple - "Go, and make disciples." So, almost 10 years ago, we went to work on that as a public ministry of discipleship - encourage, rebuke, exhort, build up, wipe out the lies with the truth of scripture and watch people walk away a little...

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Situation Report: Prayers for Cristine

Thanks & Complications Thank you, to all who have prayed or are praying for Cristine! Here's the official update, complications, and addendum to prayer request: Last week's surgery was a success. Pain dropped significantly within a couple of days. Yesterday,...

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