Maximum Eternal Impact: That Day, 2017

After some high quality, small scale successes with That Day, Seasons of Life Ministries is looking toward our 2017 vision for That Day:

Bringing the message of “living everyday with eternity in mind” to 8,000 people in the Greater Atlanta Area and 2,000+ people beyond in 2017.

Could it happen? Yep.

TDPL-Group-PicBut, it’s going to require God opening some doors that were previously closed – specifically the doors to the hearts of pastors who see the vital importance of developing an eternal mindset. But, pastors are busy and often they can’t respond to every, single opportunity that pops into their inbox. Like me, they know they can’t possibly respond to every request that comes across their desk, so they often automatically reply “no” or just ignore the vast majority without a second look.


…we’ve asked a few of their colleagues to share what they thought of That Day in hopes that it might get our foot into a door or two. Take a look:

  • “That Day has helped a number of our church members to refocus on the prize that matters! Very creative dramatic interpretation of one of the most important days in all believers’ lives!  – Dean Ropp, Senior Pastor Midway Community Church – SBC, Alpharetta, Georgia
  • “Aarron Pina’s presentation of “That Day” is remarkable, inspiring and life changing. You will laugh and cry throughout the whole event. I was moved and convicted from the very start. Amazing! Every pastor needs to have this presentation in their church.” – Todd Smith, Senior Pastor – Christ Fellowship Dawsonville, GA; CEO/Founder KINEOresources.com”
  • “I cannot imagine any reason why a church or ministry would not benefit from this anointed presentation. It will change lives.– Casey Sanders, Men Step Up
  • “That Day helped me cultivate a more eternal perspective.” – Gary Bulley, Senior Pastor, Living Stones Church, Cumming, GA

Help Us Reach 10,000+ People This Year:

Would you pass this information on to a church leader, marketplace ministry leader, or other influencer in a three way email introducing me? We’d greatly appreciate your help spreading the word and getting these endorsements and our video preview onto their desk!

in Christ,


That Day Leader’s Lunch – Success!

A Second First?

•••     Yesterday marked our second That Day engagement at Midway Community Church. But, instead of a general audience of 300, for the first time we welcomed an invite-only group of 30 pastors, business leaders, and marketplace ministry types to gather around a BurgerFi lunch to see a “lunch portion” of the show.


30 pastors & ministry leaders attended the first That Day Leader’s Lunch

•••   Pastors, directors, and representatives were present from Perimeter Church, First Baptist Cumming, Echo Ministries, Men Step Up – Gwinnett, and even Cafe1040.

Best Performance, Yet!

“Dan” describes coming before the judgment seat of Christ.

•••     The story was very, very well received and attendees gave some excellent feedback, all of which was extremely helpful. All of those surveyed rated the performance at the top of the scale, including several repeat audience members who said it was the best performance, yet!

•••     More importantly, their reactions to the story all pointed in one direction: whether it’s for the lost surrendering their lives to Christ, awakening sleeping believers, or turbocharging active Christ followers, That Day ups” the urgency.

Help Us Bring That Day to Your Organization

•••     Seasons of Life Ministries has always been deeply committed to discipleship. Discipleship begins with vision – accurate vision of who Christ is and why He has us here. That Day is all about that vision and we’d like to help you bring this story to your church, retreat, date night, outreach or whatever other event you have coming up.

•••     To share the vision of That Day, share our 90 second “teaser” video with your Pastor, Executive Director, or C-level head honcho. Or, if you are said honcho, click here to email us!

Who Cares About Giving Tuesday?

A few years back, it seemed the importance of Black Friday had eclipsed the importance of Christmas and Thanksgiving. People camping out at retail stores to buy “doorbuster” deals? Then, Cyber Monday came on the scene, giving us a chance to take down our pup tents mounted in the Best Buy parking lots and shop in our jammies online. But, was that a good thing?

giving-tuesday-box-08In 2012, the idea of “Giving Tuesday” was born. According to their website, last year over 700,000 people in 70 countries raised over $116,000,000 for charities, non-profits, and other NGO’s worldwide! Maybe the spirit of giving hasn’t been destroyed by the spirit of getting…

This November 29th, #GivingTuesday will see over a million people giving time, talent, and treasure to support the causes they’re most passionate about. This year, it’s quite likely that over a quarter billion dollars will be raised for worthy causes because of Giving Tuesday. At Seasons of Life Ministries, where we help churches, organizations, and marriages get obstacles out of the way of what God has designed them to do, and we only need to see God raise about $30,000 of that… Side note: it’ll take less than $3,000 of that to bring That Day to dozens of churches and organizations throughout the Southeast, exposing hundreds of non-believers to the gospel and refocusing thousands of believers on eternity in the most tangible way possible!

In the coming weeks, we’ll invite you to put your prayer knee pads on, your thinking caps on your heads, and consider giving to Seasons of Life Ministries to help us bring the message of “Why Does God Have Me Here? What Do I Do Next? and How Do I Do It?” or “Vision, Strategy, and Execution… God’s Way” to people all over the metro-Atlanta area and beyond.

Next Thursday will be our first “That Day Leader’s Lunch” where we give away lunch to a bunch of beleaguered pastors and ministry leaders, along with a preview performance of “That Day”. This event will give That Day some much needed exposure to influencers who can bring the message to their churches, organizations, and/or retreats, unleashing greater kingdom impact. If you know someone who ought to be there and deserves a free lunch, send them our video invite card.

If you’d like to jump start our Giving Tuesday matching fund, email us or give online today using either Paypal (to “giving@seasonsoflifeministries.org”) or clicking here to use our secure online giving platform.

A Wise Move for a Greater Impact…

One man, 12 characters, so much biblical truth.

Invite a coworker to see That Day on 01.15.2017!

Two weeks ago, Pastor Mike Adams gave me the honor of speaking at his church, here in Alpharetta, about the connection between present obedience and eternal rewards. Since he’d seen the play twice already, we’d been planning to bring That Day to Holy Trinity Christian Church this coming Sunday, October 16th. But, as time marched on rather quickly, he and his team began to consider the weight of this message and consider the impact it could have given a few more weeks of honest-to-goodness marketing and word of mouth…

While I reluctantly agreed, I eventually got brutally honest with myself – Pastor Mike is both wise and right. More time for marketing could mean casting a wider net… We have an opportunity to reach men, women, students both inside and outside the church with the most important message of all. If salvation AND eternal rewards are hanging in the balance, let’s… do… it… right.

Thus, the bad news is: there will be no That Day performance this Sunday. The GREAT news is: the next open date on HTCC’s calendar is Sunday, January 15th at 6PM, giving you, me, and the members at Holy Trinity Christian Church ample opportunity to invite friends, family, coworkers, churched and unchurched alike to witness a wild, living parable about a guy named Dan who meets Jesus face to face.

If you’d like to join us or invite people you know, start by watching the 90 second “That Day Teaser Video” here. Share it on Facebook, Insta, Twitter, LinkedIn, or with anyone you can get eyeball-to-eyeball with ASAP. We look forward to seeing you on That Day!

Would You TRAIN HARD for THIS?


Let’s say your dad is Chairman of the board of directors of a hospital group covering Boston, New York, Atlanta, and L.A. Let’s assume you and your Dad love each other and really have a ton in common: a love for medicine & healing arts. Filling out your college applications, he sits you down for a “career conversation”:

“I’ve put blood, sweat, and tears into this career to ensure you kids have a bright future. Lots of sacrifice. This contract guarantees you a job at any one of my facilities, provided you complete med school. But, the harder you study and the better you do on your internship, the better a position you’ll have. The better position you get, the more time we’ll get to see each other, go fishing in off time, etc. Just sign here and get to work on your education.”

He slides a bona fide contract across the desk to you stating exactly that, already signed by the remainder of the board and the CEOs of all 4 hospitals. Once you’re done with 14 years of training, the next 30-40 years are locked in. This is really happening. You in?